What is Energy Work?

“The Energy Connection Classes: $275 two full days of learning life changing skills, coming into balance mind, body and soul.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of energy!

What is energy and how does it affect us? Everything around us, including our own bodies, is made up of energy and it runs at different frequencies. If the energy that is in our bodies becomes blocked and trapped we can become tired, sick and ultimately out of balance. These blockages emerge from many different sources but the bottom line is they need to be unblocked.

Some of these blockages may be physical, causing pain and discomfort while others may be emotional or spiritual. We are governed by programs within ourselves that we aren’t even aware of, yet control us on a daily basis, programs that cause us to react in certain ways to situations, behaving in a certain way. Basically, much like a computer program that routinely runs a computer, we have programs that run our lives. These programs can cause blockages in our energy. By learning some simple and quick techniques, then “getting out of the way” of the process taking place, you will be able to change the blocked energy and move toward being a better you as the negative, blocked energy is released from these old programs. Energy work entails improving the relationship with yourself and then with others.

“The Energy Connection” is a combination of different techniques and modalities that I have become skilled at and have combined in a manner that works for me and for my beliefs. I have found that anyone is able to use this technique with just a few days of training.

I have been involved in Foot Zoning since 1999. As time has passed I have become more and more aware of the important role energy plays in our lives and how it affects us daily. Because of this, I realized the need for me to learn more about it and how to use it not only to help myself but to help others. As I began studying and learning more about energy and the various types and techniques, one thing became apparent to me; each modality has the possibility for great change and yet they all have one thing in common – energy is blocked within us for some reason and until it is released the body will remain in a state of imbalance.

Our Foot Zone modality is a combination of several different techniques and methods I have learned along the way through experience and inspiration. It is not me fixing anything; it is a very simple and complete method that fixes the human body. The corrections, or old patterns that are not serving us, are simply released so that we are able to move forward no longer being governed by old programs and false foundations within ourselves, some of which we may not even be fully aware of. As balance is restored the changes are felt throughout every aspect of your life: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Come join us for a fun filled, hands on, self improving weekend that will not only benefit yourself but the ones you love the most.