Detailed Course Outline:

Our course consist of 9 classes totaling 180 hrs of classroom training. Our course classes are taught once a month, over a two day span.
In the first four classes, we teach you the detailed Foot Zone maps. You will get precise instructions on the most current and complete Foot Zone techniques. You will be taught location, movement and accuracy.
In the last five classes, we teach you how to use the Foot Zone and what it is you are feeling. During this time, the foot zone is practiced, perfected, and refined.
As a part of the training, our class 5 and 9 are taught by the founder of We Do Feet Seminars, Brad Noall, allowing a personal connection with each of our foot zone graduates.

When you complete our course and graduate, you will be a very good Foot Zoner and you will know how to use this technique to help and benefit your life and others.

In the curriculum we not only teach the Foot Zone technique, but many other skills that will facilitate you in becoming the Foot Zoner you wish to be. Some of the topics covered:

• Anatomy and Physiology.
• Business Ethics and Laws of Success.
• Essential Oil training.
• Muscle Testing – how to use it in your life.
• Energy Work and shifting blocked Energy in the body.
• How to feel the signals and to feel the energy in the body.
• Emotions – where and how they store in the body and how to release them.
• Common imbalances that you will find during a Foot Zone and how to bring them back into balance.
• How to create balance in your life, Life Coaching and personal skills.
• Documentation and practical application of the Zone, and much more.

We like to have a maximum of 12 students per instructor in our classes. This allows us to provide one on one attention. We also offer, after each course is taught, an observation time where we watch you practice new techniques and then make suggestions and corrections.

Course Cost

9 month complete certification course: $3600.00
( cost breakdown per class: 400 per class X 9 )
Course Books and Material $ 250.00

Total cost of complete training $3850.00

We do offer a discount of $300 if the course is paid in full by Class #2. You also have the option to pay as you go. In addition, we offer referral discounts if you bring a friend or spouse. Please contact your instructor directly for those costs.
We do, on occasion work with students on payment plans. This is done on an individual basis.