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Our Curriculum:

Here at We Do Feet Seminars, we have established a course curriculum that is like no other we have seen. It is for this reason we do what we do! As we watched other Foot Zoners in years past, we observed a lack of completeness in their initial training. Over time, they have had to continue with advanced courses and training which greatly concerned us. Our belief is that if you are going to go through the time and expense to get this training it is imperative that it is very complete and detailed giving you all the education you need to practice this modality combined with a clear understanding of what you are feeling. When you complete our seminars, you will be confident and competent in the Foot Zone technique.

Our Course

We have a total of nine Foot Zone seminars and one Energy Connection class. Although they are taught as individual classes and stand on their own merit, they are consecutive and advancing in information. Over the first four seminars we teach the Foot Zone and over the last five we perfect it. Our seminars consist of a total of 180 hours of training taught over the 9 classes. They are usually taught on a Friday and Saturday, (except seminar #1 which consists of a Thursday, Friday, and Sat.) to accommodate work schedules and childcare. They are held once a month for 9 months with a final graduation on class 9. Our seminars have a maximum student count of 16 per Instructor which allows us to give one-on-one attention. We also offer, after each course is taught, an observation time where we watch you practice and make corrections and suggestions.

In our curriculum we not only teach Foot Zone technique, but many other aspects that will facilitate your ability to be the Foot Zoner that you wish to be. Some topics discussed are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Essential oil training.
  • Muscle Testing and how to use it in your life.
  • Energy Work and shifting blocked Energy in the body.
  • Emotions and how they store in the body.
  • Problems that you will find in the Foot Zone and how to bring it back into balance.
  • How to create and bring balance into your life and family.
  • Business ethics and the laws and principles of success.

In addition, we cover many other modalities and therapies that can aid and support the Foot Zone technique.

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Course Cost

Cost per seminar $400.00
Books and materials $150.00
Complete Foot Zone Training $3750.00

We do offer a discount of $300 if course in paid in full by seminar #2 and we also offer referral discounts if you bring a friend or spouse. Contact me directly for those costs.

Optional, but highly recommended Energy Connection Course $200.00

How to schedule classes in your area

We have several instructors that will travel to your area and teach our course. Our only requirement is to have a minimum of 12 students. Please contact us if you would like our Course brought to your area.

Additional discounts are available for assistance in the organization and setting up the course. For more information on this please contact us directly.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement and purpose is to not only help you be the best Foot Zoner you can be but to also build your self esteem and confidence. We believe that every family needs a Foot Zoner that can bring relief to loved ones in their times of sickness and distress thereby bringing back balance and homeostasis into their lives. We know that every student has their own reason for learning the Foot Zone: personal growth, family preparedness, care of our families, financial and business growth to name a few. We promise to give our full attention to the needs of our students and to prepare them to be the Foot Zoner that they desire. We are confident in our training and commit our knowledge and experience to your further growth.

We do not believe in being controlled by fear or allowing it to affect our lives or dictate our future. We do believe in preparedness, mastering control of ourselves, and having personal balance so we can be an instrument in the hands of our Creator and Master, our God.

Contact information

Please feel free to contact us directly, either by phone or by email. By phone is the easiest and fastest way to get a hold of me. With my travel response by email may be slow but I will respond.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Brad Noall We Do Feet Seminars
Cell: 435-764-9532
Email: wedofeet2@gmail.com

About our Instructors

We are very proud and honored to have such a wonderful group of instructors working and teaching with us here at We Do Feet Seminars. They have all been through an extensive teachers training and have several years of footzoning experience. Their individual knowledge, abilities and experiences that each instructor brings only adds to the overall effectiveness of our program. Each instructor teaches the same curriculum, but adds their own personal touch to their classes.


Brad Noall, Owner

Ph # 435-764-9532 cell and text wedofeet2@gmail.com

Teaching in: Wellsville Utah, Orem UT, Gilbert AZ, and Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls ID

Gaylene Merritt

Ph# 435-753-5773 home

Ph# 435-232-9566 cell and text


Teaching in: Mendon Utah

Marne’ Fox

Ph# 435-723-6850 home


Teaching in: Brigham City Utah

Cheree Murdock

Ph# 435-225-0354


Teaching in: Perry, Utah

Kathy Atkinson

Ph# 801-292-7574 home MindBodyandSole@comcast.net

Teaching in: Centerville Utah

Jenni Runolfson

Ph# 801-558-4083 cell and text jenive_r@yahoo.com

Teaching in: Riverton, Utah

Hailie Day

Teaching in Salt Lake City

Cell 208-390-5143 heavens.gait@yahoo.com

Lisa Skinner

Teaching in Tremonton

Cell 435-257-3220 skinnerlisa16@gmail.com

Breeana Noall

Teaching in Logan

Cell 435-764-4593 breezylyn16@gmail.com

Susan Child

Ph# 435-527-9246 home sjchild@gmail.com Teaching in: Monroe Utah

Karen Hyatt

Teaching in Harriman UT

Cell 801-558-8375karendee10@gmail.com

Delona Muhlestein

Teaching in Highland UT

Cell 801-427-9560deesgoingalittlecrooked@gmail.com

Marti Hawker

Teaching in Erda UT

Cell 801-349-6557hawker@wirelessbeehive.com


Gina Angus

Teaching in Vernal UT

Cell 435-790-3128gina7@angusconstruction.net


Stefania Lindsey

Teaching in Santa Clara UT



Brad Noall, Owner

Ph # 435-764-9532 cell and text wedofeet2@gmail.com

Teaching in: Wellsville Utah, Orem UT, Gilbert AZ, and Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls ID

Jeri Taylor

Ph# 208-360-3713 cell and text


Teaching in: Rigby Idaho, Tooele Ut and So. California

Jaclyn Taylor

Ph# 208-351-3971
Teaching in: Idaho, Tooele Ut and California

Jada Rhodes

Teaching in Rigby ID
Cell 208- 351-1642

Kwinnae Plummer

Ph# 208-390-3149


Teaching in: Montpelier ID.

Mandy Johnson

Ph# 208-317-4358

Teaching in: Montpelier ID.

Brad Noall, Owner

Ph # 435-764-9532 cell and text wedofeet2@gmail.com

Teaching in: Wellsville Utah, Orem UT, Gilbert AZ, and Blackfoot, Pocatello, Idaho Falls ID

Traci Butler

Ph# 928-243-0152
Teaching in: Snow Flake and Phoenix, Arizona


Rosa Reyes

Teaching in Mesa and Tuscan AZ

Cell: 480-261-2201




Christy Stevens

Teaching in Star Valley
Cell 307-880-4466