How Zoning Works

“Our goal as instructors is to help each student become the very best Foot Zone Practitioner they can be.”

Brad Noall, Owner, We Do Feet Seminars

The Feet as a map

Within each person’s feet lie detailed and complex signal systems. This signal system is thought to be connected to every part of the human anatomy – the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, skeletal, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and muscular systems, as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. These signals are believed to run throughout our bodies, especially to the extremities, the ears, hands and especially our feet. Extensive research has proven the feet to be very accurate in correlating the mapped reflex points to the systems of the body. With this mapping, a trained and certified Foot Zone Balance practitioners are able to access the bodies systems.

The knowledge of the reflexes on the feet and other extremities have been around for thousands of years. It has been used in many different societies, civilizations and countries in various different ways. Some of the earliest documentations date back to early BC. In more modern terminology, we might explain the foot zone as likening the body to a computer and the feet are like the keyboard. When we access the feet, we are accessing the body.

From the beginning, each cell in our bodies has been programmed with immortal memory, meaning that the cell has the knowledge and capability of renewing itself. Our DNA pattern holds a perfect blueprint of our body and is able to heal and rebuild the perfect cell. We daily become subjected to a host of toxins, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Compounded with these toxins we regularly experience health robbing stress and it unquestionably takes a toll on us. Foot Zone Balancing is a method believed to correct and renew the entire body at a cellular level enabling the body to become rejuvenated allowing our original DNA patterns to be reconnected.

It is time we take health and wellness matters back into our own hands:

In recent years there have been a surge of interest in hands-on healing techniques. As people become more aware of the human body’s ability heal, and understanding that there are multiple ways of resetting the body to heal quicker and more complete.

People are seeking other ways to access their bodies to get the healing results they desire. People today are rediscovering that nature has always provided us with the means to heal ourselves and maintain good health and balance. Our bodies know how to heal and have been programmed to do so from the beginning. The Foot Zone technique, balances and points our bodies in the right direction to allow this natural process to take place!