Get Zoned

Locating a Foot Zone Practitioner

The Foot Zone balance technique has been in the USA since the mid 1980’s. In that time hundreds of people have chosen to become practitioners of this art. The training for this modality is primarily located in northern Utah area and has branched out to surrounding states. If you are interested in experiencing a Foot Zone Balance session and would like to find the nearest practitioner, please see the directory below. These practitioners are some of graduates of the We Do Feet Seminars that have expressed an interest in helping others. We feel very confident in their training and would highly recommend any of them.

Please note this is not an endorsement or referral. This list is provided as a customer service. All Foot Zone practitioners will act on their own accord and have their own services to offer as well. Please remember to ask questions and use due diligence when choosing a Foot Zone practitioner. If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact us.

Brad and Susan Noall