Hi there, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Feel free to look around! If you have any questions, just shoot us a message and we will gladly do our best to help you out. Before you dive in, here is some quick information we think you may appreciate.

  • We have 34 amazing instructors who teach with us, click on the button at the top of the page "Meet Our Instructors" to see their bios.

  • In-person and online classroom options available.

  • Licensed and Regulated by the State of Utah.

  • All graduates qualify to join the We Do Feet Seminars' Association.

  • Free Continued Education for life for all qualifying graduates.

  • Our tuition has been the same low price since we opened our doors back in 2001.

  • We offer pay-in-full discounts or monthly payments with zero interest.

  • Trained over 4000 students in the past 20 years.

"The foot zone has helped me and my family so much...I am able to help my loved ones as often as they need. My favorite thing about the zone is that it addressing the body as a whole and not just a physical symptom."

-Mandee Gillen

"Foot zoning fascinates me. I love the training program offered by We Do Feet Seminars and love getting worked on by their instructors and graduates. I highly recommend everyone try a session at least once."

-Jordan Allen

We Do Feet Seminars'

Mission Statement

We are proud to say that our foot zone therapy training program and technique is highly sought after by those seeking quality training, competency of the modality, and a life long partnership of continued education. Here at We Do Feet Seminars, we have established a course curriculum that is unlike any other program. It is our intent that we will continue to offer the most up to date foot zone techniques and energy correction modalities. Along with offering in-depth hands on training of the various foot zone techniques.

Those who are willing to put in the time and expense to be trained, have our assurance that we will do our very most to ensure that you reach all your goals professionally and personally. Upon completion of our course you will be self-confident and highly experienced due to our level of standard required for graduation.

We Do Feet Seminars believes in creating well-rounded graduates who thrive and are able to face opposition with the tools needed for success. For this reason, the following subjects have been implemented in our curriculum: foot zone therapy technique, energy correction and emotional release, meridian balance, life coaching, mindset training, finances and business building, muscle testing or applied kinesiology, essential oil basics, nutrition basics, anatomy and physiology, law of attraction, law of vibrations, communication, and life success principles.

We believe that every family or individual should have the tools needed to help themselves and those they love in times of need, sickness, and/or emotional duress. Our values are rooted in light and love so that all who work with us may know that we have the training, skills, and wisdom to make a difference in life. We act out of faith, knowledge, and belief in all that we do.

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Office: Wellsville, UT.

Classes are held wherever our instructors are located. We have classes in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, California, Wisconsin, and Online everyone else.

If you would like an in-person class to be taught in your area, send Brad Noall a message. We have instructors willing to travel. Travel locations requirements depend upon availability, number of students in new location, and travel expenses.

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