Foot Zone Training – Northern Utah Course

Our courses are taught in an unique manner that gives us the valuable opportunity to work with each student closely. Here is some quick information to help you understand our set up. Our program is 9 months long, with students attending a 2-day class each month, which we refer to as a seminar.  Seminar #s 5 and 9 are taught as a large group; combining all students and instructors that are in a general region. These two seminars are taught by Brad Noall (Owner). The remaining seminars, #s 1-4 and 6-8, are taught in smaller groups with each instructor. This structure allows the student to have the best of both worlds; a small intimate class and a large inspirational class with fellow students from different areas.

Review the Instructors that are teaching in your area of choice and feel free to reach out to them to get to know them more. As the student, you get the opportunity to choose the best instructor that will meet your needs and personality.

2020 Foot Zone Courses are registering now for the following locations. Contact the instructor of your choice to get more information on our course and exact dates and to learn more about our pre-registration discount.

Next course starts in March, in the Northern Utah area, with 7 different Instructors, and 7 different locations. Also in March, Montrose and Fort Collins Colorado.

Starting in May, Simi Valley California.

Starting in August, (Central Utah) in Monroe Utah also in Henderson Nevada.

Starting in September, the greater Phoenix Arizona area, with 3 different Instructors. Then in October, in the South Eastern Idaho area, with 4 different Instructors.  Our Fall of 2020 courses in Northern Utah to be announced.

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Foot Zone Training – Northern Utah Course

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Lisa Skinner

Class Begins in March 2020 – Call instructor for details and to enroll



Lisa Skinner



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