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We are Excited to announce, all Foot Zone training  courses are on schedule and we will continue to move forward with their training programs. We are making all the necessary adjustments to teach all current classes and the new Online course over Zoom, with in-person classroom training starting June/July 2020. With this adjustment, we will continue to offer the most complete Foot Zone course available. 

Brad Noall CEO, will be offering a special online training starting April 23rd 2020. Contact him directly for the exciting details. 

Our courses are taught in an unique manner that gives us the valuable opportunity to work with each student closely. Here is some quick information to help you understand our set up. Our program is 9 months long, with students attending a 2-day class each month, which we refer to as a seminar.  Seminar #s 5 and 9 are taught as a large group; combining all students and instructors that are in a general region. These two seminars are taught by Brad Noall (Owner). The remaining seminars, #s 1-4 and 6-8, are taught in smaller groups with each instructor. This structure allows the student to have the best of both worlds; a small intimate class and a large inspirational class with fellow students from different areas.


2022 Foot Zone Courses are registering now! Contact the instructor of your choice to get more information on our course and exact dates and to learn more about our pre-registration discount. Scroll down for all the details.

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