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About Us

Hi there! My name is Brad Noall and my wife’s name is Susan. We live in Wellsville, Utah and have been here for 22 years. We have been married for 25 years and have 5 fantastic kids. We have ran a landscape business since 1984 and have totally enjoyed it. We love to work outside and love to work and play hard. It has always just been a way of life. And yes, we really do feet! If someone would have told us 15 years ago that we would be rubbing people’s toes and making them feel better, we would have both laughed out loud. It is nothing liked we planned.

So how does someone go from playing in the dirt and grass to doing feet? I’ll tell you, it is quite a story. After our last child, Susan had postpartum depression, the good old baby blues and she had it bad! Sue thought that it was just normal that after 5 kids you should feel that way. Being grumpy, moody, up and down emotionally, I could hardly do anything right. I didn’t know if I should duck coming around her or just avoid her all together. I knew something wasn’t right and she knew it also. Even though she was not one to take any medications, not even an aspirin, we both agreed that she should go to the Dr. and get on something.

It was at this time we heard of this weird thing where someone could rub your feet and make you feel better. We thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. We made an appointment for both of us thinking it would be a nice relaxing foot massage. Keep in mind that at this time in our lives we were both fairly active and thought we were in great physical shape. Well, Sue was zoned first and the Foot Zone Therapist found everything on her feet that we knew was wrong with her and much more, and yes she did feel it. I was next and boy did I have a shock coming.

When I was zoned, almost all of the signals in my feet were shut down; I was worse off than Sue. I was told that I was one of the worst clients that she had ever zoned. This was because of the chemical poisoning that I had from being around chemicals in the landscaping business and the poor diet I had years prior. Years of applying chemicals to lawns and spraying weeds, eating fast food and drinking soda pop can really build up in your system. The practitioner told me my body would most likely detoxify and I could possibly not feel very well. I thought to myself, “I am in control of my body! I will be just fine.” Still a little skeptical when I got home, I fell a sleep on the bed and didn’t wake for three hours. The next day I could taste chemicals in my mouth. I figured there has got to be something to this!

Susan was instantly impressed. Before we left the appointment, she was feeling so much better and knew at that time she had to learn how to do this Foot Zone stuff. She was very insistent with the practitioner that she needed to take the classes.

Sue felt it necessary to have several treatments over a 7 day period to get a jump start on the therapy. She said in that short time her hormonal imbalance, postpartum and energy had a 180 degree change. She and I both felt that there was no need to seek medication anymore. As she tells everyone, “the happy old me was back!”

Sue was truly blessed. One week after our first Zone appointment she found a class starting in our area. She initially had a hard time making contact with the instructor. Not knowing if she could get into a class, or more importantly how we were going to pay for it, she left a message with the instructor saying that she was going to show up at the class and if it was full she would simply go home. She was determined to get in that class. We still had no way to pay for the training but we had faith that she needed to be there. We received in the mail, just two days before the class started, a check from someone that owed us money from 2 years prior. It was just enough to pay for the class and the books. She showed up to class and was obviously not sent home. We haven’t looked back since then.

I had no desire to learn how to zone at that point. I was very happy with Sue just practicing on me. After Sue graduated, and after I addressed some issues in my body that were holding me back, (that’s a whole other story) I got the urge to become a Foot Zoner. I went through the classes and graduated.

Our lives have been greatly blessed because of this wonderful tool we have learned. We have seen miracle after miracle. We have seen people’s lives changed, we have seen relationships get better, and we have seen people overcome health problems. To help someone’s body heal itself naturally and to see them change for the better brings no greater fulfillment.

What Sue and I do is nothing magical. It is not about what we do; it’s about the Foot Zone. People have been accessing the human body through the feet since the beginning of time. As long as the Foot Zone is done correctly and completely the person being zoned will experience benefits.

Sue and I both believe that we are just a tool in the hands of Someone greater! We are just the messengers, NOT the message.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us at: brad.wedofeet@gmail.com

Have a great Day!
Brad and Sue