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Mission Statement

Our mission statement and purpose is to not only help you be the best Foot Zoner you can be but to also build your self esteem and confidence. We believe that every family needs a Foot Zoner that can bring relief to loved ones in their times of sickness and distress thereby bringing back balance and homeostasis into their lives. We know that every student has their own reason for learning the Foot Zone: personal growth, family preparedness, care of our families, financial and business growth to name a few. We promise to give our full attention to the needs of our students and to prepare them to be the Foot Zoner that they desire. We are confident in our training and commit our knowledge and experience to your further growth.

We do not believe in being controlled by fear or allowing it to affect our lives or dictate our future. We do believe in preparedness, mastering control of ourselves, and having personal balance so we can be an instrument in the hands of our Creator and Master, our God.