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Our Mission Statement

We believe that every family needs a way to help themselves, their families, and friends in times of need and distress.  To also help bring balance back into their lives.

Our intent with our Foot Zone Training Program is to help students to become the best Foot Zone Practitioner they can possibly be by building self-esteem and confidence.  We offer the most complete and progressive training in the Foot Zone Technique with ongoing continuing education.  We facilitate personal mentoring between our students and instructors, allowing us to refine the training to each of our student’s needs.

We know that every student has their own reason for learning the Foot Zone Technique: personal growth, family preparedness, health and wellness of our families, financial and/or business growth, to name just a few.  Our commitment is to give our full attention to the needs of our students and to prepare them to fulfill their own personal aspirations. We are confident in our training and commit our knowledge and years of experience to helping our students find their personal gifts to share.

We will not be controlled by fear or allowing it to dictate our future.  We believe in:  faith, action, knowledge and belief. We believe in preparedness and mastering control of ourselves so we can be an instrument in the hands of our Creator and Master, our God.